Monday, 2 September 2013


Talking about hospitals in my last blog reminded me of another trip I had to hospital whilst I was still at primary school. It happened fairly soon after I had gone into my big power wheelchair, and it happened in a flash!

It was lunch time in summer and we were all outside playing. To this day, I don’t really know what happened, but suffice it to say that I ended up driving my chair into a pillar on a wall, but the only trouble was that my leg got there first ( I know, don’t ask, but in my defence, I hadn’t been in my chair that long and I hadn’t quite got the knack of controlling it properly! You have a go, it’s harder than it looks!)

Gosh did it hurt, but that was that and no one really thought any more of it and I didn’t really like to tell anyone how much my leg hurt. The OSO came to pick us up at the end of school. Not much gets past her, the witch! She took one look at my face and asked me what was up. Obviously I tried to play it down and said I was fine I really did hate fuss, I took after my Dad in that sense ( and lots of others says the OSO). She was having none of it and loaded us into the van and went straight down to the A&E at the Children’s hospital in Sheffield. There they were great and we got to see a doctor fairly quickly who said he didn’t think there was much wrong, but sent me for and X ray anyway. I think everyone except for the OSO was surprised when they saw my leg was broken, she said she just knew, something to do with the look on my face she said (as I said, she’s a witch)

It was quite cool actually because I ended up having a pot on, I got to choose the colour (blue) so in the end it wasn’t so bad and of course I didn’t need to go around on crutches as I already had a wheelchair. It was quite interesting actually because when we were out and about people didn’t stare at me as much in my wheelchair, I suppose it was because they thought I was in it because I had a broken leg, not because I was mad or something. You might think that is a strange thing to say, but I bet you wouldn’t believe the daft reactions we all had to me being in a wheelchair. People would pull their children away from me when they came up to me; perhaps they thought what I had was catching. It was actually quite amazing! But there lies another story!

I had my pot on for about 6 weeks or so, the only down side was that just after I had broken my leg we broke up for the Summer holidays and I had to go down to Kent with my leg in pot, but as I Said, it didn’t really make much difference to what I could do so that was fine.

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  1. Loving your blog Martin, so interesting and told with such humour. I have much admiration for you (though I guess it's all just normality for you...)