Sunday, 11 August 2013


So it was back at home and carrying on as normal (such a relative term in our family!) . Quite soon after my big operation I was back at school and the OSO was back at work.

We brothers never could really decide whether it was a good or bad thing having Mum work at the same place as we went to school, obviously it had its advantages in that we were all in the same place which practically made it a lot easier, but having the OSO around could be embarrassing, but then a lot of pupils have their parents teaching at their school so I suppose it was just the way it goes. Roger in his inimitable fashion always referred to her as ‘Miss with the big bum’ bless!

By now things had settled down a little, the bungalow had been adapted, we had our lovely van, we were all at the same school and Dad’s business was doing quite well.

My muscular dystrophy continued to slowly get worse and worse, as we knew it would. Mum had been taking me to a healer for a number of years, I know this might sound a little odd to many of you, but as you know, we often referred to the OSO as ‘the witch’. Well she was always a bit of a believer in healing and stuff and she had always firmly believed in telepathy, particularly between her and her animals (well what else!).

We knew the healer couldn’t get rid of my dystrophy, but it really helped me. Mum used to take me about once a month to a lovely man and his wife who lived just above Hathersage, he used to heal me and she saw colours. Yes, I know it sounds odd, but it really did work.

After every visit I always used to feel a lot better a much less stiff. I used to get what they called contractures as my muscles were shrinking and these could be very painful indeed, but after a visit to my healer these would be a lot better and I felt a lot more comfortable.

The healer always used to tell Mum that she would be a really good healer and that she had a real natural talent for it, but at the time, she really didn’t have any spare time or energy for that matter to do anything about it, that was something she went into much later and developed until she is now doing a lot of healing herself, but, as you might have guessed, she works mainly with horses!

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