Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Well, so that was me home after my big back operation, I must admit I was feeling very stiff and sore.

We had been given exercises to do by the physios, one of whom had caused quite a bit of consternation whilst I was in hospital. It was just as I had been transferred back to the general orthopaedic ward when a young physio man (the OSO was muttering that she had shirts older than him) and he said I had to be got out of bed to do some exercises, the OSO protested saying that I hadn’t been out of bed at all yet let alone doing exercises! The man was adamant that this had to happen; but then came the best bit! He said I needed pain killers to do this and promptly gave me morphine, great, soon I was floating along and laughing, and to be honest, they could have done anything they wanted with me! So I was got out of bed and did these silly exercises. I paid the price later though when the morphine had worn off, boy did I hurt!

It turned out later however that the OSO was right, and I shouldn’t have been got out of bed to do the exercises at all, my back hadn’t healed enough for this to have been done so the young physio lad got it in the neck from his boss so to speak, but I did like the morphine!

Anyway, back at home we did the exercises as we were supposed to and the OSO did her healing on me which helped a lot. It was quite difficult adapting though to being totally rigid from the top of my neck to the bottom of my spine, I couldn’t bend at all. We had told that this was going to happen, but it was impossible to imagine what it would be like. It meant it was a lot harder for the OSO to lift me and get me out of bed and into my chair or bath or wherever else I needed to go if you get my drift! Getting me dressed was also very interesting. As ever, however, we managed and eventually my back got a lot less sore as it healed so we were able to do more. In fact when we trudged back over to Manchester a month or so later the docs were dead impressed with my progress and said they said that I had made remarkable strides (as the OSO said, what a stupid turn of phrase to use for someone who couldn’t walk!) and they didn’t think they had have seen anyone heal as fast as me (we didn’t tell them that the OSO witch had been healing me along the way, they all thought she was barking as it was without adding any more fuel to their thoughts!).

So it was back to home and school as normal, life had to be lived as they say. I think the worst down side of having my back done though was that I couldn’t feed myself any more, which I know will sound very odd, but because I had this great big rod down my back stopping me from bending it meant I couldn’t lean forward at all, and because, by now my arms were very weak I couldn’t get my hand up to my mouth, so I couldn’t eat without help which, as you may imagine was a complete bore; but hey ho, if the rod meant I could still keep on breathing it had to be worth while!

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