Saturday, 15 June 2013


Bit of a long time since my last blog, but the OSO has been gadding about quite a lot and as you know I need to keep my eye on her!

She was up at Bramham  horse trials last week acting as groom for a friend, she really enjoyed it hob nobbing with the likes of William Fox Pitt, Mark Todd and Zara Philips, I ask you!

She got back home for a day and shot off down for a couple of days with Roger to help him buy a new kitchen and other things for his house. The OSO and Roger together spending is a potentially lethal combination. They did order the new kitchen and sort out a builder to do the extension on the back of Roger’s house, starting next month, I was actually quite surprised that Mum didn’t get a sledge hammer and start knocking down the kitchen wall in preparation for the builder.

Roger has already done quite a bit of work on his new house, mainly decorating at this stage; he’s been very clever in getting the carpet to match the wall he’s been painting by splashing the paint on the carpet as well as the wall!

 I can tell you Dad and Alistair were a little worried to say the least by the potential damage the two of them could do together.

 In fairness though, I think the time they spent together went off very well and not too disastrously there is still a little money left in the bank.

They do concern me though, this week Roger has managed to break his new television and the OSO complained yesterday to Alistair that her mobile had broken and it wasn’t writing texts properly, Al checked it to find she’d got it set to send texts in Turkish! Duh!!

The OSO has also been looking for another horse to buy for the last couple of months (she hadn’t let Dad know about this by the by). She says she wants to get another youngster before she gets too old. As far as I can see on both counts she’s wrong;

a-   she’s too old already and
b- she already has two youngsters at home one of which (Flapjack) she states she wants to train how to haul logs and chain harrow though I don’t think she’s told him of her plans yet; welcome to my world! Any road up she has finally found one she quite likes, so watch this space

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