Thursday, 4 April 2013


My brother Alistair was by this time having some interesting problems with his teeth, probably even more interesting than mine when I fell against the bath and knocked one of my front teeth out, needless to say, the OSO sprang into action and pushed it straight back in again before I had time to object; and yes, it stayed there though it did mean a trip to the dentist to make sure it was ok, I actually think he was quite impressed with Mum’s quick action (as you know she never does anything slowly!) and to be honest I was quite chuffed and somewhat surprised she got it in the right way up!

Anyway (oh, and I’ve got another blog to tell you about Roger’s oriental teeth!) Alistair lost his baby front teeth as you do, and then no other teeth came through as you would have expected. Eventually the OSO noticed the delay in the lack of emergence of the second teeth and took Al to the dentist. He x rayed Al’s mouth and yes, he had some more teeth waiting to come through, but not two as you would have expected, but four! They were sort of layered up like shark’s teeth sitting parallel to each other and therefore they couldn’t break through the gum and emerge. If I was a cleverer blogger I am sure I could find a picture or something to show you what I mean, but typically the OSO didn’t take a photo. Let’s hope you get the idea anyway.

So, Alistair had to go into hospital for a day to have an operation to dig out the spare set of teeth so he was just left with two (ugh!). He also had little chains attached to the remaining teeth which then had to be attached to a brace and then tightened bit by bit to pull the teeth out very gradually. I do hope you are getting all this!

I think he quite liked the day in hospital, he couldn’t come home until he had eaten a bowl of weetabix, bit tough as he didn’t like them ! Eventually his new and very smart front teeth did emerge, and unlike me, he hasn’t yet managed to knock one of them out yet!

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