Tuesday, 15 January 2013


I have just realised that things in my blog are not always accurate in terms of time scale, though I don’t suppose it matters much ‘cause things just come into my mind and I write them, often things get a bit muddled, but then I’m not my mother’s son for nothing!

Whilst I am increasingly aware that my blog keeps getting somewhat muddled up in I was still at primary school I kept getting loads and loads of really bad sore and infected throats. Something else I inherited from the OSO! She had to have her tonsil out in her teens because kept getting really ill with them It would have been nice if I had inherited some of her good genes (if she had any). I kept going to the doctor and getting ‘banana medicine’. Amoxycilin (not sure how you spell it, sorry doctors)  to the more medically minded of you, in an attempt to try and stop it, but it always kept coming back. Very boringly each time it came back I got worse.

I forgot to say, by this time Mum used to take me to a healer (more of than in another blog or two) and he said it was getting really bad in his opinion too.

In the end I got referred to an ENT specialist at the Manchester hospital who dealt with my M.D. and he said the tonsils had to come out as they would probably cause me too much bother in the future. Trouble was I couldn’t have them out at my local hospital as my M.D. apparently made me take up anaesthetics differently and I would need a specialist gas man, otherwise I might die during the op! Putting it like that the parents thought it would be a good idea to go to Manchester for the operation.


So the family took me over in our van one very cold December with snow threatening, there was also a shortage of diesel and petrol due to a strike or something, I can’t remember what. Anyway mum and I got dropped off (yes, I had to put up with the OSO staying with me as I was only 10years old). Dad, Roger and Al then had a very tricky journey home as it had started to snow badly and it was quite iffy driving. Mum was worried for them. The journey took ages, Rog and Al thought it was dead exciting!

I had my operation the next day, and survived it! I did all right actually. I was a lot better after the anaesthetic than mum was when she had them. I did bleed a lot, but again, seemingly that’s common with M.D. people.

 I can’t honestly remember how long I was in hospital, I know it was longer than Al who had to have his tonsils out a few years later (the OSO’s duff genes got passed onto him as well!). I do remember though that I was out in time for Christmas and managed to eat my dinner so it can’t have been all bad!

So all in all having my tonsils out wasn’t that bad. More complicated than it was for people without M.D. but I was used to that being the case, and the positive side was that I got loads of extra Christmas presents. The down side was I didn’t get much time off school because the operation was done just before the Christmas holidays, so my recovery time was in the school holidays!

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