Monday, 19 November 2012


Feedback from my last couple of blogs says that you’re fed up/impressed with my name dropping!

So; I will get on with telling you about the more mundane things that happened in my life!

You may remember that due to a rather unpleasant brother in law of our nice farmer (the OSO saw him this morning, she pulled out her tongue at him behind his back, (the brother in law, not the farmer). Whenever will she grow up and act her age?!) stopped us from building our lovely bungalow. Well anyway, by now, we had moved out of our house ‘cause I was finding the stairs really hard.

Incidentally, another funny story from that I’d forgotten about, was when the OSO had been told she could claim Disability Living Allowance for me. So she had to get a doctor to come and assess me to see if I qualified. To be honest, I don’t think any of us was too keen on going ‘cap in hand’ as my dad called it, but money is money as they say.

So this Doc arrived and watched me walk, try to run and generally get around, then he wanted to see me go up and down stairs. Actually I thought I had done quite well, when he turned to my Mum and said, very scathingly

‘Is that as fast as he can go, I’ve got another assessment to go and do?’

Some people really are unbelievable, I mean that’s why he was there, because I couldn’t go any faster!

But back to my first bit of story. So we had moved out of the house and were renting a bungalow off some friends. The plan had been to live there whilst we were building the bungalow, but of course now that was not going to happen.

However things then took a positive turn in that Mum and Dad had looked at a particular bungalow ages before in the village that was for sale but they had dismissed it as it was far too expensive. Anyway the people selling it came to see Mum and Dad to say they needed to move quickly and would drop the sale price for us! Brill!

That’s what happened, a price was agreed upon and within a very short space of time, we had moved into the bungalow, which although it would need quite a lot of things doing to it, like widening doorways etc, it was pretty much fine.

We found out quite soon however while the people were so keen to move quickly  when the bailiffs came round and tried to seize some of our furniture!

The bungalow was great, and it was still in our village. Over the years, we built an extension and other building work but we loved it so it all worked out very well and we stayed there for 15 years.

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