Thursday, 25 October 2012


So, back to the building of a bungalow.

 Sorry I keep skipping about a bit, but it’s just that so many things seemed to be happening at once and I’m trying to get it all down, but I do appreciate it might be a bit difficult to follow, BUT at least you’re only reading about it all going off, I had to live with it!

Anyway, you may remember Mum and Dad had decided the only option was to build a family bungalow, hopefully you have worked out by now, it was because they knew I would have to go into a wheelchair and as a result, stairs would be a bit of a problem!

We also wanted to stay in the village where we lived or at least near it, so the OSO started to look around for some land where it might be possible to build. She knew the area very well ‘cause she walked, ran and horse rode it a lot. She also knew an awful lot of people. Mum had a friend (well at least someone who put up with her!) who, together with her husband was building their own house, so Mum found out a lot from her about the pros and cons of doing that. Les parents decided it would definitely be the best option to build as it was a lot cheaper doing it that way.It would also mean they could incorporate all my very special needs into the plans as well as ensuring it was a family home for us all.

Mum got chatting to a local farmer she was friendly with. She had helped calve a cow who was having problems when she was out walking the dog one morning (the cow was having problems, not Mum. I ask you!) anyway the farmer was great. His wife had multiple sclerosis, so he was very sympathetic to the issues which disability can bring to a family and he said he was prepared to sell us a piece of land if we could get planning permission to build on it. So this was a big step in the right direction, but getting planning permission was not going to be easy. The plot of land was right next to existing bungalows, it was sort of on the edge of the development which was fine. However the only way to get access to the plot was off a fairly busy road and on a bad bend, which the Planning bods at the Council might not be too happy about.

Still it was worth a try.

Into action went the OSO. She got loads of books about planning a house. Don’t forget, it was pre internet and search engines and all the stuff that is now available on line. She talked to people on the council and got to know the local county councillor who turned out to be fantastic and a great source of help as to go about how to get planning permission to build a bungalow. Initially they did not need detailed plans, but just wanted to get outline permission so they could then go into more detail with regard as to what they planned to build.

However, shortly after getting started on with this the OSO was out running one day only to realise that things were perhaps not what they should be with her!

Oh hecky thump!

It turned out it was all Alistair’s fault.






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